The anonymity of the internet.

I love the internet. It’s everything brought together. It can be completely anonymous and at the same time you can find personal details about everyone. Everything known to mankind is available on the web, you only have to google the right question.

If you don’t want anybody to know about it just keep it for yourself, fully anonymous doesn’t exist anymore. You can only try to bury significant details by posting many other insignificant facts online so it is harder to find things about you that matter.

Everything you love and do can be found online and without thinking about it you give everything away. At this day and age almost everyone has a smartphone and every detail of their lives is on it. It can easily be that there is an Appledore house (Sherlock Holmes) to which any paying person or party can have access and view every single detail of our lives.

I am writing this “anonymous” blog but I release that it isn’t as anonymous as I would like it to be. Maybe that will turn out to be a good thing or it can hurt me really badly. But I known that with a little effort and the right skills it can be traced back to me and that is the most important thing that you have to understand when going online. This shouldn’t mean we should all be afraid and stop doing the things we love. It means that you should act on the internet as you should interact with other people on the street. It means you have to think about what you want that the world to know about you before you do anything online.

At this moment they are starting a project in the city were I used to study by creating a living internet-lab. They will place sensors in trash bins, on mail cars and in the sewage system. To facilitate the daily life of people who live there. They will detect when the bins are full, how the air quality is and if there is any possibility that the river will flood. This and many other data will be gathered and put to use. So that people visiting and living in the city can easily enjoy a better coordinated life and resources will be used more efficiently. As long it is used in the advantage of everyone we can all enjoy it and it will creat a great and interesting future as long as you are aware that it can as easily be used against you.

So why did I choose this specific topic today to share with you. Well today I was so happy that I could go online order something and have it delivered at my house. They know my name and if they google me and ask the right question they will find me but I don’t think they will do it and if they do, I don’t mind. What I like about it is that it is easy and fast, I didn’t have to leave the house and loose time I need to study but even more important to me is that I didn’t have to face the person from whom I bought it. I didn’t have to enter or leave a specific store hoping that nobody would recognize me. I can easily think that no one knows what I bought today, sure enough if someone wants to know they can find it out but at this moment my product is packed and sealed on its way to me. It will be delivered in a box tomorrow morning and I didn’t have to face anyone to get, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, I didn’t have to explain anything or look over my shoulder hoping nobody would recognize me.

And luckily enough, the change that there is someone in the world willing to go to an endless amount of data to find out about which little trivial thing I bought today is rather small.


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