Cultures: Accepting others and keeping our own.

Hi everyone, today I will tackle one of the big struggles I have in my daily live. Is there a limit and where do I draw it? I will be talking about interaction with people and how I feel walking down the street in a big city and seeing a lot of difference from the sometimes narrow world I live in when I am at home.

Are we as open-minded as we think we are? Can we be as tolerant as we would like to be? What is to far? What is racism, bullying and inappropriate these days and what is just being intolerant and to sensitive? What do we accept and how can we keep our heritage? Is it necessary to keep our heritage our doesn’t that belong in an evolving world?

Today I will write about interaction with other cultures and tolerance to other people but it goes about so much more in this evolving world. So tomorrow there will be another post over the rest.

I love the dutch because they say what they think, call it bullshit if they don’t like it, make jokes by using insults and still are very open-minded, friendly and don’t get offended very often. It is an example of love and living together.

We love to say we are open-minded but then if you go online and read the posts of hate and racism. Discriminating people because they are different. Only accepting foreigners if they speak the same language as “us”, wear what “we” would wear and act like “we” would act. We might not be as open-minded as we would like to be.

It would be hard to ask these things from another person because nobody wears they same things and nobody acts the same way as an other person. We are unique! So why can’t we all accept each other for the uniqueness? Personally I think that EVERYONE is afraid of change and the unknown and that is what makes it hard to be fully open-minded.

On the other hand you have some people who accept foreigners and don’t act any different. Or do they? There is something called positive discrimination and it is something that these days goes hand in hand with the discrimination. If I would go out on the street and insult a foreigner everyone would label it as racism and discrimination. But I could just have been a conflict between two equals with nothing more than two persons insulting each other.

Today we much make sure that there is a gender quota in our boarding meetings so we don’t discriminate women. Make sure that we have enough foreigners in our tv shows and that we don’t insult them by any means. More often than not it turns out into acts of positive discrimination and sadly enough these measurements of discrimination are needed because other wise the current world wouldn’t work and the only thing these rules show us is how narrow-minded we are.

And maybe we should be because every day we see acts of terror against our standards and values we see our cities changing and even don’t know what are the interest, the values and culture of other people. We like to think that everyone listens to the same radio, knows about the programs and the same historic events of our country or at least apart of our country. And how can we interact with someone from who we think that they differ too much because they differ so much on the outside. But what we don’t see is that not everyone is watching the same shows. Tonight I will watch an american show and that person who differs so much on the outside is watching the tv because he likes the show and when the show finishes he switches on his computer and watch something from another country.

The world has changed and we are afraid because we don’t know it anymore. The only way to get to know the new world is by embrace the uniqueness of everyone and stop worrying about our values getting lost. By behaving accordingly to your personal values and keeping your heritage by share it with others. Start learning from each other and if you want to insult someone, just do it but then don’t be offended if someone insults you. We have to stop tiptoeing around and start making noise, say what we think, discuss and afterwards come together and have a party!



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