Mind in a box

Today I want to talk about a second part of accepting our fellow people. This isn’t about persons who look different, have different habits or speak a different language but who look quiet similar. Or as similar as a person ever can be to another person or a group.If you want to read my opinion about the first group you can read it here.

When I go out, I like to walk around, look and take a picture of what intrigues me. I like the diversity and I feel included even when I am hiding behind my camera with music in my ears I feel and I am part of the city, the streets and the people all with their great storie. I feel as if I belong, a feeling I sometimes miss when I am at home and then I start wondering how it comes…

I differ a lot from my relatives, not from the outside but from the inside, the way I feel and think, the way I interact and what I find important is often to different from what my family does. They accept people who are different in every way until it comes to close. Now and then they forget to hide it, a comment slips by.

They like mainstream picture of a family, A husband and wife with two children who have every potential to make it and aren’t having any struggles. Two children who reflect of what they are and will grow up to become very similar. But something they don’t know is that this won’t happen or at least will change in the future.

I belong to the LGBT community and it is something I hate to write or say not because I didn’t come to terms with it but because I don’t like to put labels on feelings and put people in boxes. Today open-minded doesn’t only mean you will accept fellow people but also that we stop dividing ourself into groups. Black people, muslims, LGBT, Men & women. Only if we stop putting labels on we can accept people for what they do and are.

We can accept that someone feels better with testosterone ins his body or oestrogen in her body. We can accept that someone likes to wear make up or a choker and we can accept people for being in love. Because we didn’t label them as trans or men/women, male or female and straight or gay. We just saw things we see everyday and a comment wouldn’t slip by because it would just be normal.

We differ in so many ways from our relatives, our neighbours and the people in the street. So why do we have to put people into groups, give the group a label and store them in a box? schermafbeelding-2017-01-09-om-21-08-28

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