Sunny and snowy

I am summer person! I love the warmth of the sun, the typical summer activities, the long days full of light and as soon as winter cold has passed you can find me outside! Although the days are increasing in length the summer is still far away. It has already been cold for  a while but this weekend we got snow and not just a little bit. The roads are closed and everybody stays in the warm comfort of their homes.

As did I, not only because I should have been studying but because I found a great new series. A series of unfortunate events are episodes which came available on Netflix. The story based on a book and told by Lemony Snicket tells the story of 3 orphans and their fortune. Neil Patrick Harris who plays many characters in the series does a great job and you see he loves it. He can do drag, magic and hidden humor of which I am a great fan. It’s an amazing story so go check it out if you have Netflix and you won’t regret it!

After binge watching the series I felt like doing something more productive and instead of starting to study a bit I spent my time preparing and planning the next month. As you might already have read I will take some time off. Not from blogging but as I finish university I just want to invest some time in myself to find my true self before finding a job.

I planned all the tasks I have procrastinated for a long time, I listed every point I want to improve in my life and the things I want to take time for. Which activities do I want to do, how will I make sure to get some exercise, start living healthier and what will I change about myself. I won’t list everything because if I fail, this post will make it a disappointment and I just want to see where I get by changing small things and creating a new way of life.

This new way of life will include finishing university, learning the spanish language and getting more in balance with my body but it will stay as vague as this until I reach some goal(s) and then I will certainly blog about it because it will be a victory.

By doing this I created a lot of positive energy inside of me. It gave me the power to survive the last two exam weeks and it made me feel like summer isn’t that far away because change is on the horizon.


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