A people’s person changing the world

The last week has been a very crazy and special week. On personal matter but also on the international matter. The strange thing about these weeks are that they go so fast and you don’t really have time to stand still and think about everything that has happened. This is why or partially why I started this blog. To stand still about everything that has happend and hear about what other people think.

On personal level I finally had the exams I was most scared about and they all went pretty well but that isn’t nearly as important as the rest that has been on my mind this week. I finally came 100% to terms with who I really am and I decided how to implicate this in my future life. As you may have read in the last post I made a bunch of plans for the start of February. I am exited for it and scared at the same time because of my environment and their reactions. I know they will still love me but it also feels like I am disappointing them in some way, I know that they will be scared for me and wonder if I can find true happiness but I believe that in this day and age it is possible.

 me brings me to the next topic I would like to discuss. Ellen DeGeneres is a pioneer she has stranded up for equality and respect on every aspect of a person’s life. This week she won the people choice awards for Finding dory in the favourite movie, as favourite animated movie voice, as favourite family movie and with the Ellen show she won for me the most important award as favourite day time host. She won in all four categories she was nominated in and it brought here total to 20 awards setting the record of most won people choice awards. Ellen DeGeneres has been honoured by Barack Obama with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and together with here awards it shows how extraordinary she is. She is an example for all of use to bring joy and love.

If you look back it has been a couple of special years for the united states and I hope they may continue their path. In this video we see Ellen thanking Obama and at the end we here some memorable words from Obama who is thanking Ellen and it just is amazing what these extraordinary people can do and how they can change the world.

Today is inauguration day and it is important to stand up and care about our fellow people to be as helpful as you can be and as caring and respect full to the world and it’s people. Because we all can do something to change the world. We don’t know what the future may bring but it are interesting times and a lot is changing really quickly has been for a while, who could think ten years ago the world would be like this?


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