Do what makes you feel good

This Friday I had my last exam and from now on I can do exactly what I want or can’t I? The free time is great, I have time to sport, watch my favourite series and get some stuff done of my to-do list. It’s the third day and I am making progress to become the person that I want to be but it is still a long way to go and what I fear the most is that in the near future I will have to choose between two things that will make me very happy.

Choosing between the job I would love to do and the person I would like to be is a decision I don’t want to make but may have to. Even choosing to become the person I want to be feels like I will go through a horrible period full of shame, uncomfortable talks or silences for that matter and loosing people I care about. Till this day I am not sure I will go through with this…

I believe in self-improvement and I try to work hard to achieve certain goals for my self. One of my goals is to lose some weight and get back in to shape. I also want to learn Spanish which is the next thing I will start to work on and as a last one I want to be truly happy and comfortable in my body and see what I like to see. This may be the hardest one on the list. I will make some little changes for sure like getting a hair cut and only wearing things I feel comfortable in. I will no longer give in to what the people expect I would wear on certain occasions but if I will come out of the closet is another question…

More post on this topic will follow soon but for now this is the only time I have to give you guys a small update. If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk, let me know!



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