Getting energy out of a busy week

Sometimes you can get so swamped by things and only realise it when you’re in the middle of it. This week has been like this and it still continues! It started off as slow week but that changed quickly!

It’s almost like everyone gets in action at the same time and comes back to you at the exact same moment. As I am trying to survive the week  by multitasking – like at this moment while I am writing this post I am also following the Grammy’s on YouTube.  It also gave some opportunities.

The upside of such a week is that a lot of interesting stuff happens and it gives access to a lot of creativity. Projects evolve and you can get a boost out of it and this is fantastic because it gives you and at this moment me the power to start-up other things and make progress. The downside is that you have to work very quickly and can’t focus one project and enjoy doing that one specific task.

One of many things that happened this week is the realisation of the gender revolution that is happening at this moment! This eye opener made me feel as part of a group for the very first time. It gave me the energy I needed for all the other boring chores I had to do.

A gender revolution is happening. It is small but most precious! This changed my week. It gave me energy but it also took a lot of my time in which I could have done something different. This was all around me this week and I ask myself the question if it comes because I am more open to it or because as I earlier everyone gets in action at the same time?!

I only realised it to late to get a hard copy but last month National Geography published a whole magazine about gender and even a show with Katie Couric (unfortunately I missed it). I read the copy on my phone and it inspired me a lot!

In my surrounding gender has also been the topic of the week and month. Only now I discovered hat a very close friend of mine has been involved in a theatre production about trans people.

And as a last part it has been a news item and not at all bad publicity! A shout out that people should talk about it and that there are many more trans, intersexual, non-binarie etc than we realise.

Today we see slowly but surely a change for gay, lesbian and bi people they get accepted. It still a long way but people start to understand that it is nature and not nurture. The aspect of gender fluidity or being trans is an aspect of the LGBTQ+ community that lags behind. Most people don’t understand it and their fore it is important that it gets some attention so that the world will start to learn about gender and understand it because it isn’t as simple as we think it is.

People are afraid because they don’t understand it. They fear that there loved ones will end up unhappy in every way. So they need to be shown that it doesn’t stand in the way of happiness but embraces it and gives a change to complete happiness.

That’s why this week I got my energy from learning that the first steps are made and that there is a group to which I can connect. This is why my week was great instead of miserable because I found out that I have a friend who understands it and to whom in the near future I can finally be completely myself! Thats why the gender revolution has to continue.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk, let me know!


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