Why has everything a gender?

It is incredible how many things have a gender and where for? Most people would say to make it easier but today it makes things worse for a lot of people and the number who care less about gender or should I say redefine gender is growing.

The youth of today is redefining gender. People are no longer just women and men. We have trans, intersexual, androgynous, queer etc It is no longer a binary system defined at birth. So why do everyday appliances need gender. Bathrooms, cloths, make-up , hair product … It makes it difficult and stressful for the people who don’t fit into a cis binary system.

I needed some new pants and it has been a horrible week for me. At first my mother tagged along leading me to cloths according to my birth gender, doing her best she encouraged me to try some on and I felt like a monkey in a dress. As I spent the day avoiding the worst and wondering how the cloths on the other side of the aisle would look on me I goth really angry and annoyed. So the next day I went on my own and for the very first time I crossed the aisle and started to look for cloths I liked … In an instant I found 3 pants, a jacket and a t-shirt which I loved.

But as I was low on cash I had to put the cloths back and got back to my birth-gender side of the store. After a while I found a jeans which could work and as it was by one get one half price I snuck back and took on of the jeans I tried on before. I went home and told my mom I found a jeans and that it was okay for now. I still haven’t shown her the second jeans and it just feels wrong.

Being in the store and walking around made me really uncomfortable I was worried sick that someone would notice me and send me back across the aisle and wearing the second jeans at home or outdoors is great as long as my family will not see me. It still matters what they say and if they would tell me it isn’t for my gender I would crash.

Going to a store as a boy and buying make-up, going to the wrong bathroom or buying cloths from across the aisle it is always so difficult and it shouldn’t be. You should be able to do what makes you feel comfortable and people’s opinions shouldn’t matter…

It is just fabric, plastic and materials we use to create cloths. bathrooms and other stuff. So why do we choose to give them a gender and create a world that isn’t accepting of each other. Why can’t we use the materials and create a gender neutral and open-minded world?

If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk? Let me know on twitter or down below and give it a thumbs up if you liked it!


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