Starting a business

I love to film and take picture. I have always done this fore pleasure but last month I thought by my self why wouldn’t I start a little business? It will give me the opportunity of doing this and earning some money. So one of my project of the past month has been to create and start a business and the most important thing to do is start doing something and never stop working to achieve your goal.

As I already have some videos and pictures which I made for friends and as a volunteer I had a good start and I could create a website with some content on it. Next up create a youtube page or in my case update it and get a bit more attractive and make sure everything has a link to everything. My twitter and Facebook account as well as linked in can be found on my youtube account and website.

I looked into local regulations and what is mandatory for a start-up so I wouldn’t get into trouble and as I only just have started this is very complicated and will take some more work in the future.

I contacted some people telling them that I was willing to do some filming an photography and than came the most difficult question of all time. What is your fee? I started thinking, what would be acceptable, how much can I ask and when will I ask to much. Does my quality mach my price and is it enough for the hours I will put in making these videos.

Luckily enough I kinda have a crazy uncle who leads his own business and he told me ones that he would do research and try to find out what his opponents were doing and how they did it. I thought of his story and started to look for people doing the same as me who lived at a reasonable distance of me. I contacted them with a one question: How much do you ask for this kind of work? I would ask them as being a client to make me a price and this gave me an idea of how much I then could ask, being that it had to be a little bit lower than their price.

Today everything is ready to go: I have a website, some content and everything is linked to each other. I know on average what I can ask and I am getting the word out. It certainly takes some time and effort and if it will be a break-even the next couple of years that will be fine because it means I can invest in new equipment.

My advise for now is that if you like doing something and want to earn from it. You must not sit and wait for it but start and work to achieve your goal. Create whatever is necessary and get your word out. Start with something as easy as an website so you look more professional and look into meeting to find out were there are opportunities to learn about local regulations and how to get a successful business.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk? Let me know on twitter or down below and give it a thumbs up if you liked it!


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