The art of coming out

Coming out and the art of doing it. It is something very difficult that many LGBT+ persons dread doing. Most people fear to do it and it only becomes easier to do when your close surrounding knows it and are accepting you because than it doesn’t really matter anymore.

At the moment you discover a new part of your identity a long process starts. First of all you have to accept it yourself and then comes the need to tell your surrounding. In an ideal world this wouldn’t be necessary but for now you still have to tell it because people assume to know how you feel and even if they are accepting it is still not a normal thing in their head because otherwise you shouldn’t have the need to come out.

Only after you came out you can fully start living the way you feel and take the right opportunities because you doesn’t have to pretend anymore. It can be great when the surrounding reacts supportive but no-one knows what an other person thinks and that makes it one of the most difficult things for LGBT+ community to do so. Coming out and inform close friends and family  how you feel when only you are in the beginning of discovering yourself is hard and can lead to not fully coming out and then the process may start all over. You discover more of your identity and you have to come out a second time as is the case for me.

As you might already have read in a previous post I came out as bisexual. Telling my friends was quit easy, I was nervous but it went as it should be, a normal thing you tell. I just told them that I was in a relationship with a girl. They knew I had been with in love with a boy in the past and this made it clear for them. Telling my family was an other story. It told my mom but found she didn’t really react on a supportive level and I never came around to tell the rest of my family because I feared the way they would react.

Now I have to come out for the second time and this time I have no idea how my friends will react. Telling them I am trans is a lot harder than telling them I am bi. There is one friend I know I can trust and he will accept and support me and I had the opportunity during this week. It was ideal, we were telling how we felt the other day and he asked if there was anything special I hesitated and then backed off, I was too nervous…

I wish it was easier but my heart starts to race and I get a panic attack because of the questions I might get, afraid I will be unable to answer them and that they may think I am faking it or just looking for attention. I am afraid they think I make things up and that they don’t believe me, don’t accept me and even when I know it will be alright it is one of the hardest things to do. To say something out of the blue that they won’t expect to hear at that moment…

It you have tips and trick or experience with coming out let me know on twitter or down below and give it a thumbs up if you liked it! So we can all get hope, support and ideas from each other ^^

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